Fundemental Concepts in Circuit Analysis. Ohm's and Kirchhoff's Laws. Network Theorems and Matrix-based Analysis. Nolinear Circuites. The Digital Abstraction. Digital Circuits Implementation With Ideal Controlled Switches. First and Second Order Circuits. Zero State and Steady State Responses. Impulse Responce. Sinusoidal Steady State. Circuits Based On Operational Amplifiers. Coupling Phenomena. Ideal Transformer. Power Dissipation And Transmission. The Course Includes Computer Exercises in Matlab.

Faculty: Electrical and Computer Engineering
|Undergraduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(104035 - Ordinary Dif.equations and Calculus 2h and 114075 - Physics 2mm) or (104035 - Ordinary Dif.equations and Calculus 2h and 114076 - Physics 2p) or (104131 - Ordinary Differential Equations/h and 114052 - Physics 2) or (104135 - Ordinary Differential Equations/t and 114075 - Physics 2mm)

Course with no extra credit (contained)

44098 - Electrical Engineering+lab 44109 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering

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