Introduction to Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (mems). Elastostatics Theory# Field Equations. Dielectrics. Elastostatic Energy. Mems Statics# Electromechanical Beams And Plates. Residual Stresses. Piezoelectrics. Thermoelectric Elasticity Theory# Boundary-value Problems. Exact and Numerical Solutions. Thermal Effects in Microsystems# Thermal Mismatch In Layered Structures. Solutions of Coupled Electro-thermomechanical Problems. Dynamics and Vibration of Electromechanical Systems. Electric Driving Forces. Damping Mechanisms and Measures In Microsystems. Nonlinearity, Stability and Linearization.

Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
|Undergraduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(34029 - Solid Mechanics 2 and 114075 - Physics 2mm) or 114052 - Physics 2

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