The Discipline of Cryogenics (chronology, Branches), Liquefaction Of Gases (isenthalpic and Isentropic Expansions, Staging, Optimization), Miniature Joule-thomson Cryocoolers (staging, Fast Cooldown, Autonomous Systems, Infrared Sensors, Cryosurgery, Open/closed-cycle, Mixed Coolants), The Variety of Cryocoolers And Their Unified Perspective, Choked Mass Flux of Real Gases (elevated Pressures, Low Temperatures), Special Topics# Solid Cryogens, Superfluid Helium, Magnetic Cryocooling, Superconductivity, Space Applications, The Third Law.

Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
|Undergraduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(34014 and 34035 - Thermodynamics 1) or (34035 - Thermodynamics 1 and 34041 - Heat Transfer)

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