Liner System of Equations# Gauss Elimination, Lu and Cholesky Decomposition, Positive Definite Matrices, Least Squares And Pseudo-inverse, Weighted Least-squares,tikhonov's Regularisation, Inner-products and Normed-vector Spaces, Orthogonality, Qr and Its Uses, Eigenvakues and Singular Values,the Svd Decomposition and Its Uses,itrative Methods For Solving Linear and Least-squares Problems, Matrix Induced Norms, Gershgorin's Theorem, The Power Method, Numerical Instability and Numerical Erros, Toeplitz and Circulant Matrices, Convolution, The Discrete Fourier Transform and The Fft, Iterative Solution to 1d Non-linear Problems# Bisection, Newton-raphson, and The Secant Algorithms and Their Convergence.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(104016 - Algebra 1/extended and 234114 - Introduction to Computer Science) or (104166 - Algebra Am and 234114 - Introduction to Computer Science)

Parallel course

104013 - Differential and Integral Calculus 2t 104032 - Calculus 2m 104281 - Infinitesimal Calculus 2

Course with no extra credit

34033 - Numerical Analysis M 34056 - Int. to Scientific and Eng. Computing 84135 - Numerical Analysis For Aerospace Engi. 95295 - Algebraic Methods For Data Science 95296 - Algebric Methods For Data Science 104038 - Algebra 2m 104283 - Introduction to Numerical Analysis 104294 - Int. to Numerical Analysis 234107 - Numerical Analysis 1 238125 - Numerical Algorithms M

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