Temporal and Spatial Coherence, Interferometers. Propagation of Rays In Lens Waveguides. Gaussian Beams + Higher-order Gaussian Beams, Diffraction Limit. Optical Resonators With Gaussian Beams, Stability And Design of Optical Cavities, Resonator Modes. Fabry-perot Etalons And Spectral Analysis. Interaction of Light and Resonant Media, Spontaneous Emission, Induced Transitions, Amplification and Gain, Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Broadenings, Gain Saturation, Kramers- Kronig Relations. Laser Theory, 3-level and 4-level Lasers, Laser Rate Equations, Multimode and Single-mode Laser Operation. Mode Locking and Q-switching in Lasers.

Faculty: Physics
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Pre-required courses

(114210 - Optics and 115203 - Quantum Physics 1)

Course with no extra credit

44339 - Photonics and Lasers 116041 - Laser Physics and Quantum Optics

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