Boolean Algebra, The Digital Model, Switching Functions, Logic Gates and Functional Completeness. The Transistor As A Switch. Combinational and Sequential Circuits, The Synchronous Methodology. State Machines. Floating Point. Error Correction Codes. Hardware Description Language. The Von Neumann Machine, Instruction Set, Addressing Modes, Branches. The Stack. Routines. Traps. Pipelined Processor, Latency Vs. Throughput. Control and Data Hazards.

Faculty: Electrical and Computer Engineering
|Undergraduate Studies

Pre-required courses

234114 - Introduction to Computer Science or 234117 - Introduction to Computer Science H

Course with no extra credit

44145 - Digital Systems 44262 - Logic Design and Intr. to Comp. 234145 - Digital Systems 234252 - Digital Systems and Computer Structure 234262 - Logic Design

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