Sampling Theorem and Sampling in a Pass-band. Discrete Fourier Transform (dft) and Its Properties. Cyclic Convolution and Its Relation to Dft. Algorithms For Fast Computation of The Discrete Fourier Transform (fft).practical Spectral Analysis. Introduction To The Design of Digital Filters# Specifications and Types. Generalized Linear Phase. Design of Filters Having a Finite Impulse Response (fir). Design of Analog Filters (e.g. Butterworth), And of Digital Filters Having an Infinite Impulse Response (iir). Realization Diagrams of Digital Filters. Representation Of Filters As Matrix Operations. Multirate Systems# Design Of Decimation and Interpolation Filters, Polyphase Decomposition.

Faculty: Electrical and Computer Engineering
|Undergraduate Studies

Pre-required courses

44130 - Signals and Systems or 44131 - Signals and Systems

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