Introduction to The Field of Medical Image Processing and Its Applications, 2d Signal Processing, 2d Discrete Fourier Transform And Its Application in Medical Imaging, Image Enhancement (histograms, Denoising, Sharpening), Image Quantization, Image Restoration, Compression, Dicom Format,deep-learning Methods For Medical Images, Python Programming Language For Medical Image Processing. Learning Outcomes# 1. to Implement Medical Image Processing Algorithms in Python Programming Language. 2. to Determine Which Algorithm Is Suitable to Solve a Specific Challenge in Medical Image Processing. 3. to Develop Algorithms to Solve Specific Challenges in Medical Image Processing.

Faculty: Biomedical Engineering
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(44131 - Signals and Systems and 94423 - Introduction to Statistics) or (44131 - Signals and Systems and 334023 - Int. to Statistics For Biomedical Eng.)

Course with no extra credit

46200 - Image Processing and Analysis

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