Internet of Things (iot)# Architectures, Devices and Analytics. Approaches in Capturing, Analyzing and Presenting Iot Data Will Be Discussed. The Course Will Include Hands-on Experience in Designing Wireless Sensor Networks and Capturing Sensor Data. The Network Data Will Be Uploaded to The Cloud For Analysis and Visualization. Learning Outcomes# At The End of The Course The Student Will Be Able To# 1. Analyze and Define The Specification of an Iot System Taking Into Consideration Parameters Such As# Power Consumption, Price, Wireless Connectivity, Data Quality and Synchronization 2. Design and Manage a Basic Iot System 3. Manage Iot Data Upload to The Cloud and Analyze 4. Ensure Iot Data Quality

Faculty: Industrial Engineering and Management
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Pre-required courses

94411 - Probability (ie) or 94412 - Probability (advanced) or 94481 - Probability and Statistics or 104034 - Introduction to Probability H or 104222 - Probability Theory

Course with no extra credit

236332 - The Internet of Things (iot)

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