Logic Design With Standard Parts. Data Paths and Control In Digital Systems. Latency and Throughput Measures and Performance Improvement. The Pipeline Concept. Communication Methods In Digital Systems, Buses and Serial Communication. Timing and Control. Micro-interpreter Architecture, Controller Structure and Its Operation. Micro-programming and The Micro-assembler. Architecture Of The Sequential Computer, Machine Language, Structure And Implementation Considerations, The Von Neumann Machine. a General Register Machine, Addressing Modes, Instruction Format And Machine Implementation.

Faculty: Electrical and Computer Engineering
|Undergraduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(44145 - Digital Systems and 234117 - Introduction to Computer Science H) or (234117 - Introduction to Computer Science H and 234145 - Digital Systems)

Course with no extra credit

44252 - Digital Systems and Computer Structure 234252 - Digital Systems and Computer Structure 234262 - Logic Design