The Course Will Address Securing Computer Systems With Emphasis On The Security of Operating System and Basic Software/ Hardware That Supply Services to The Operating System. Vulnerabilities Exploitation And Advanced Protection of Cpu Hardware and Devices For Building Trusted Execution Environments. Hardware Based Protection Mechanisms (root Of Trust, Trusted Computing, Trustzone, Intel Sgx). Os Security Mechanisms# Access Control (specifically Selinux), Secure Boot. Cellular Devices Security (focus On Android), Virtualization Security. Learning Outcomes# By The End of The Course The Student Will# 1. Know What Are Security Vulnerabilities, Threat Model and Techniques For Threat Analysis. 2. Know The Issues of Securing Operating Systems, Vulnerabiliities, and How Attacks Against Computer Syetms Are Performed. 3. Know Advanced Mechanisms For Protection That Involve Special Hardware and Software, Such As Encrypted Memory in An Isolated Execution Environment, As Well As Various Issues in Cyber And Information Security.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Pre-required courses

46209 - Structure of Operating Systems or 234123 - Operating Systems

Parallel course

236350 - Network Security

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