Theoretical Background of The Iot Technology and Tools For The Development of Smart Iot Projects, Comprising Cloud Storage And Computing, Smartphones and Microcontrollers. The Theoretical Background Includes an Introduction to The Iot World, Big Data Interaction With Iot, Selected Topics in Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Cloud Computing and Security Issues in Iot. in Addition, The Course Covers Introduction to Iot Microcontrollers and Basic Electronics. Learning Outcomes# By The End of The Course The Student Will Be Able To# - Understand The Environment in Which Iot Products Operate, - Understand How Wireless Communication Operates in Iot Systems, - Understand Iot Security Issues, - Design a Basic Electronic System And Arduino Software and Hardware Applications, - Build Iot Applications For Smart Homes, Smart Cities Or Similar Environments, Using Cloud Computing and Smartphones. It Is Required to Take This C Ourse Together With The Course 236333.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Parallel course

236333 - Project in The Internet of Things

Course with no extra credit

97247 - Internet of Things: Technology and Data

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