This Course Is For Computer Science Students. Computer Architecture.algorithmic Approach to Problem Solving. Basic Concepts in The C Language. Top-down Design. Structured Programming. Bottom-up Design. Debugging. Partial and Complete Correctness Proof of Programs. Measures of Algorithm Efficiency# Time and Space Complexity. Polynomial and Exponential Complexity. Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms. Randomized Algorithms. Intractable Problems. Stack. Queue. Representations Of Arithmetic Expressions, and Implementation of Their Evaluation By Stack. Recursion and Its Implementation. Branch and Bound Search. Efficient Sorting.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies

Course with no extra credit

104814 - Introduction to Computer Science 234102 234104 234106 - Introduction to Computer Science R 234109 234111 - Introduction to Computer Science 234112 - Programming )c( 234117 - Introduction to Computer Science H 234126 - Introduction to Computer-c (en) 234127 - Introduction to Computing With Matlab 234128 - Introduction to Computing With Python 234130 - Int. to Computing With Python -bl 234221 - Introduction to Computer Science N

Course with no extra credit (contained)

94704 - C Programming Workshop 234108

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