Second-quantization, Gross-pytaevsky Equation, Solitons, Quantum Equations, Bogolubov De Gennes Equations, Bogolubov's Excitation Spectrum, Ultrasonic Black Holes and Hawking Radiation, Scattering, Atoms in The Electromagnetic Field, Atomic Clocks, Laser Cooling, Optical Traps, Magnetic Dipole Traps, Magnetic Traps, Evaporative Cooling, Molecules, Resonance, Bose-einstein Condensation, Two Electron and Multi-electron Atoms. Learning Outcomes# At The End of The Course, The Student Will Be Able# 1. to Critically Read Updated Literature. 2. to Design Simple Experiments With Cold Atoms. 3. to Understand Experiments That Simulates Hawking Radiation in Black Holes.

Faculty: Physics
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Pre-required courses

115203 - Quantum Physics 1

Parallel course

115204 - Quantum Physics 2