Performance Metrics and Their Relation to Computer Architectures, Performance Evaluation Methods. Control Hazards and Branch Prediction. The Dataflow Principle and Eliminating False Dependencies. Superscalar Processors, Out-of-order, Vliw. The Memory System and Storage. Memory Technologies and Their Limitations, Cache Memories, Cache Hierarchy, Cache Coherence and Consistency. Virtual Memory, Fast Address Translation (tlb), Extensions For Virtual Machines. Hardware Multithreading (smt, Gpgpu). Reconfigurable Processors (fpga, Cgra). Learning Outcomes# At The End Ofthe Course, Students Will Understand# 1. The Computer's Building Blocks, How Modern Processors Work, and Design Methods. 2. Processor and Computer System Performance Metrics. 3. System-wide Design Considerations of Computer Systems. 4. Interactions Across Components in Processors and Computer Systems.

Faculty: Computer Science
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Pre-required courses

234118 - Computer Organization and Programming

Course with no extra credit

236267 - Computer Architecture 46267 - Computer Architecture 106867 - Computer Architecturec 234267 - Computer Architecture 236267 - Computer Architecture

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