Vulnerabilities in Programming Languages and Operating Systems. Analysis of Stack Overflow Attacks and Return Oriented Programming (rop), and Protection Against Them. Attacks On Databases (such As Sql Injection) and Protection. Flow Control Protections. Sand Boxes. Secure Memory Management. Techniques For Secure Programming. Security By Design. Examples of Secure Email Servers. Attestation. Drm. Learning Outcomes# By The End of The Course The Student Will# 1. Know The Security Issues of Programming in Programming Languages And Operating Systems. 2. Know The Main Attacks Against Unsecured Programs. 3. Know Protection Methods and Mechanisms, Which He Will Be Able to Implement in Systems That He Will Develop During and After Studies.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Pre-required courses

234124 - Introduction to Systems Programming

Parallel course

44252 - Digital Systems and Computer Structure 234218 - Data Structures 1 234252 - Digital Systems and Computer Structure

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