Foundations of Query Languages, Focusing On Expressiveness And Complexity, and in Particular Using Properties of Acyclicity (or "approximate" Acyclicity) For Efficient Query Evaluation. The Basic Theory of Data Exchange, and in Particular The Common Ways of Handling The Inherent Uncertainty Thereof. Principles and Techniques For Managing Uncertain Data# Incomplete Databases, Inconsistent Databases, and Probabilistic Databases. On Each Notion of Uncertainty, The Course Will Focus On Representation Languages and Semantics, And Query Evaluation. Learning Outcomes# By The End of The Course The Student Will Be Able# 1. to Understand The Differences Between Database Query Languages, 2. to Know Fundamental Concepts About The Complexity of Data Analysis, 3. to Know The Basic Theory of Data Exchange, 4. to Know a Variety Of Approaches to Modelling Data Uncertainty, and Different Approaches To Querying Uncertain Data, 5. to Know and Understand Fundamental Theorems On The Compexity of Querying Uncertain Data.

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236363 - Databases

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