Development of Applications and Complex Systems On The Internet. in Particular, The Course Will Teach The (basic and Advanced) Principles Underlying The Development of Central Components of Such Systems# The Client Side (browser), The Server Side, Client-server Communication On The Web, Significant Services Such As The Database, and Internet Security. The Course Will Focus On Holistic Technologies For The Development of Such Systems, Namely Full-stack Technologies, With Emphasis On Systems of Considerable Magnitude and Complexity. Learning Outcomes# By The End of The Cours The Student Will Know# 1. Full-stack Development On The Web. 2. How to Design Software Systems of High Complexity and User Consumption._ 3. Principles of Front-end Development# The Functionality And Implementation of a Web Browser, Asynchronous Programming of User Interfaces, The Programming Languages Html, Css, Javascript, And Typescript. 4. Programming With Javascript Libraries Such As Node.js and React. 5. Principles of Back-end Development# Servers and Internet Protocols, Http/https, Session Management and Cookies, Microservices, User Authentication, Event-driven Programming. 6. Using The Database Within a Web Application. 7. Security Risks, Common Vulnerabilities of Internet Applications, Tools Or Web Security (such As Secure Sockets), Including Their Incorporation in Modern Web Development.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(234122 - Introduction to Systems Programming and 236363 - Databases) or (234124 - Introduction to Systems Programming and 236363 - Databases)

Course with no extra credit


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