The Course Focuses On The Management of Data On The World-wide Web. The Course Teaches Paradigms and Principles Underlying Data Representation On The World-wide Web, Data Exchange Between Remote Agents, and The Presentation of Data to End Users. in Particular, The Course Teaches The Foundations of Technologies, Protocols And Programming Languages For Website and Web-application Development. On The Client Side, The Course Teaches The Basics of Html, Xml, Css And Dom, As Well As The Principles Underlying Javascript and Json For Dynamic Web Pages. On The Server Side, The Course Focuses On Networking Via Http, Principles of Server Design, Incorporation Of Databases, and Management of a Multitude of Users and Requests. Finally, The Students Will Experience Development in a Full Stack Platform and The Principles Underlying The Platform. There Will Be Five Homework Assignments, Where The Last Two Will Constitute The Final Project That Will Be Presented to The Course Staff. The Final Grade Will Be Composed of The Grades For The Assignments and Final Project. Learning Outcomes# Learning Outcomes# By The End of The Course The Student# 1) Will Know The Foundations of Web Servers and Their Interaction With Client Applications (http), 2) Will Know The Foundations of Programming Dynamic Web Pages, and Will Gain Experience in Building Web Servers, Web Pages, and Full Web Applications in a Designated Development Platform.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Pre-required courses

(234122 - Introduction to Systems Programming and 236363 - Databases) or (234124 - Introduction to Systems Programming and 236363 - Databases)

Course with no extra credit


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