This Course Is Designed to Give Undergraduate and Graduate Students In Cs The Requisite Skills to Generate and Screen Edeas For The Creation of a New Technological Venture and Then Prepare a Business Plan For an Innovative Technology of Their Own Design. These Skills Include The Ability to Incorporate Into a Formal Business Case All The Necessary Requirements, Including Needs Identification And Validation, Business and Financial Models and Market Strateies And Plans. Students Will Be Expected to Gain Knowledge and Experience In# Needs Identification and Validation, Developing Bsiness Models, Designing Marketing Plans and Market Entry Sstrategies And Constructing Financial Models. Learning Outcomes# at The End of The Course The Students Will Be Able To# 1. Design an Innovative Technological System to Meet Desired Needs. 2. Identify Formulate Ans Solve Engineering Problems. 3. Function On Multidisciplinary Teams in The Context of An Engineering Project. 4. Ability to Understand The Impact of Engineering Solutions in A Global and Societal Context.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies |Graduate Studies

Pre-required courses

234114 - Introduction to Computer Science or 234117 - Introduction to Computer Science H

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