This Course Is For Industrial Engineering and Management Students. Computer Architecture. Hardware and Software. Data Representation. Basic Concepts in Python Programming# Values, Variables, Expressions Arrays (one- and Multi-dimensional), Conditionals, Loops, Functions, Recursion, Input/output (textual and Graphical). The Python Development Environment# The Workspace, Program Execution, Debugging Structured Programming, Data Organization. Algorithms# Correctness Driven Development and Basic Complexity Analysis. Algorithmic Solutions For Sorting, Searching, Problems With Integers.

Faculty: Computer Science
|Undergraduate Studies

Course with no extra credit

234106 - Introduction to Computer Science R 234111 - Introduction to Computer Science 234112 - Programming )c( 234114 - Introduction to Computer Science 234117 - Introduction to Computer Science H 234121 234126 - Introduction to Computer-c (en) 234127 - Introduction to Computing With Matlab 234128 - Introduction to Computing With Python

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