Analysis and Characterization of Storage Workloads# Distribution Of Load, Object Size and Popularity, Sequentiality, Etc., Optimizations Based On Workload Characteristics. Hierarchical Cache Management# Algorithms For Cache Management In Hierarchical and Distributed Systems With Multiple Users, The Effect Of The Memory Technology On Its Management. Algorithms For Ssd (solid-state Drive) Management# Physical Characteristics and The Constraints They Imply, Considerations And Optimization in The Drive's Management (flash Translation Layer), "temperature" - Based Page Allocation, Predictions and Bounds. Deduplication# Algorithms For Duplicate Identification, Indices For Efficient Identification and Mapping of Duplicates, Capacity Estimation and Management. Learning Outocmes# By The End of The Course, The Students Will Be Able To# - Estimate The Effect of Application Workloads On The System's Performance. - Identify Bottlenecks in Complex Storage Systems. - Suggest Solutions to Alleviate The Identified Bottlenecks_. - Weigh The Consequences of Possible Solutions On Various Aspects Of The System and Choose The Best Solution For a Given System. - Clearly Present The Solutions They Constructed Or Chose and Their Consequences.

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236322 - Information Storage Systems

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